What’s For Dinner???

I have been craving chili recently and with a freezer full of grass-fed beef, why not? Well, I don’t think the kids will like it but I made it anyway and will ¬†make them a cheese pizza.

Sautee in grapeseed oil:

1 onion until transparent and add 5+ cloves of minced garlic

2 diced poblano peppers and 1 red bell pepper – sautee all until browning

add 2 lbs ground beef until brown

add all the leftover Taco Cabana red sauce in the fridge

add approx 8 tbs. Bolner’s Fiesta Brand San Antonio Style Quick Chili Mix

decide tomatoes aren’t really needed….

add 2 cans of Central Market Organic Pinto beans (drained and rinsed b/c you have to sit in a class with co-workers all day tomorrow)

add about a box of Central Market Organic Free Range Chicken Broth which makes it a little runny but I like soupy chili. Add less if you like thick chili or use water.

simmer away…… decide that isn’t quite right and add about a tablespoon of cocoa powder.

Simmer some more and eat at will…..now, or several hours from now. It’s all good.

Any product endorsements are only because that is what I bought and had in the cupboard. ūüôā

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Sustainable Parking Lot Meat

I met a bunch of Twiter buds for the first time the other night and mentioned I was picking up parking lot meat. ¬†LOL!!! It is fairly entertaining to joke about picking up meat in a former Albertson’s parking lot on the St. Mary’s strip. In fact, this was completely legit grass fed beef direct from the rancher. Alan even drove it to town.

I grew up in Washington State and my grandparents often pastured cows belonging to local farmers for finishing over the summer. I remember being about three years old and pulling up my home to see a few cows we were keeping. And yeah, I think I ate one that winter even though I knew its name. That was probably the year my parents could no longer distract me with hot dogs. Mom started giving me the little piece of her t-bone. Mmmmm hmm yes indeed!!! The Filet. Years later she found out she had been giving me the best part!!!

It seems I am constantly moving back to the way my grandparents ate and the way I ate growing up. A few weeks ago one of my buddies was looking for someone to split a box of meat. I took a peek at the website.


Enough people joined in that she only needed someone to fill in about 10 pounds. Check out this selection….how could I choose? In fact I had a difficult time choosing so I ordered a variety pack all by myself. ¬†I did consult my husband first, and he said, “Please!”


I placed the order and arrived at the designated time and place to meet the rancher. With a shake of a hand and payment a box of meat was loaded into my van. ¬†Morgie (age 3) was with me. Hopefully she will remember this. Mom picking up meat. I remember being little and picking up farm-fresh eggs or visiting my great-uncle’s dairy farm. We will do that too….oh and a friend dropped off a gallon of fresh raw milk last week. Mmmmm

Oh right. Back to the meat.

Freezer Shot:


I am thankful.

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Earlybird Day

Today is a professional development sort of day. I’m attending Cancer Update 2010. Somewhere my planning wires were crossed and when blocking out time on my calendar I put 7:00. So I turn up at 6:15 for registration and breakfast while wondering who does this on a Satuday. As I enter the lobby, the Desk Attendant seems unfamiliar and has to look up the location. I find a lady setting up and she informs me that registration starts at 7:00.

Well I’m here! Now I’m testing out WordPress 1.0.0 for Android.

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Simplification – a buzzword

Lots to be read about simplification these days…..buzz buzz. Book writing, blogs, authors tweeting about it. I caught some of ¬†it on Twitter today and checked out well-known author my mom referred me to. ¬†Still not sure about my take on that but it helped me start thinking.¬†I have read various books on simplification, some of them effective, some not and started reflecting on my day.

I’m not working today but have an optional (unpaid) ¬†study group at work from 4:30-6:30. Some of my co-workers do not attend but I value the education being offered at no cost to me. Next October I plan to obtain my Oncology Nursing Certification and I consider a two hour study group every other week a healthy investment of time toward that goal.

The day started with my alarm going off around 6:30. I drove my son to school and came home. I played on the computer, made a couple phone calls relating to taxes/earnings, and set up a lunch-date with two great friends for tomorrow. My husband wanted to do something this afternoon that is 20 minutes away from 1:00-4:00….no problem. BUT we have one car. So I was to drive him out, drive home, then later pick my son up from school, drive home, then drive out to pick up my husband then rush to my 4:30 study group???? Ugh. I got a stomach ache. Literally. So I called a mom who lives around the corner and asked her to pick my child up from school. She was already picking her two up and my house is maybe 1 block “out of the way.” That one phone call (and another to the school) saved SO much driving and hassle and gave me a relaxing afternoon at home with my girls. I tossed some ingredients in the crockpot for a simple delicious soup that is already finished. ¬†And yes, I played around online…..Facebook, Twitter, a couple bulletin boards……because I enjoy it. I am enjoying making new connections and keeping in touch with good friends. I have started putting myself out there a little more because that is the phase I am in. I need to get out of my shell and be more social after 4 years of school. I work hard three nights a week and am trying to give myself the time to play.

I also told myself I didn’t have to blog today even if it meant my blog never gets off the ground. The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t have to. The only pressure is internal. I’m not selling a product or service. I’m not changing jobs or even departments anytime soon. I don’t think I have a hidden agenda.

Thanks to people I have been meeting on Twitter I started thinking about simplification and how I exhibit the concept in my daily life.

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Zesty Expired Yogurt Cheese

Step 1
Realize your husband never ate the plain organic yogurt he asked you to buy. You realize upon further inspection that it has in fact, never been opened.

Step 2. Ask why.

Step 3. Shrug and say eeh. Decide it is the perfect opportunity to make yogurt cheese even though you have never done so. You remember Sanford doing it one time…..

Step 4. Buy cheesecloth while at the grocery store because while you KNOW a dish towel or single-layer cloth diaper will work, believe said husband will be more likely to eat the cheese if you use cheesecloth.

Step 5. Open the yogurt and decide to flavor it with all the leftover taco salsas in the fridge.

Step 6. Sit down and type this while you remember any remnants of witty banter that passed through your head while stirring in the salsa.

What step am I on? Well it involves google and how to actually make yogurt cheese. I’m pretty sure you stretch cheesecloth over a bowl and let the liquid drip out…..I wonder how long it takes?

Okay, Alton Brown came up first and I know he is reliable so I’m putting 4 layers of cheesecloth over a colander, over a bowl, dumping the yogurt in and letting it sit in the fridge overnight.

Finishing tomorrow…..

WHOA!!! Wait a minute. That cheesecloth is one big piece? You mean I have to cut it or fold it or something? I think I might save that for another post. Now I’m whipping out an old thin cloth thank you very much.

insert picture …….

and viola! in the morning……

I think it will be good on top of curry.

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20 minute cleanup

My kitchen was a mess! But I know where everything goes and 20 minutes later all was well.

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Where Many Won’t Go

I like to do before and after photos. Many of my Facebook friends have been subjected to photos of my organizational endeavors. I remember publishing pics of my tea/coffee cupboard, spice/baking cupboard, craft cupboard, and who know how many other cupboards. Friends on a private bulletin board have seen the weight loss photos and many household before and afters.

This morning I noticed my desk was a mess! Technically it is half of a small table in the kitchen I share with my husband. He uses one side and I use the other. I don’t actually “work” from home but I don’t have a desk at work…..I use a computer on wheels I roll between patient rooms keeping my essentials in my pockets.

On the first day I wrote this blog I said I am not a perfectionist. That may be true now but I have had to work hard to overcome my tendencies. They have held me back in the past from doing many things I want to do. The above photos are not the same size!!! That is not acceptable. It would not be okay if I was being paid to design a website but that is not what I am doing. I’m trying to share and help others in the process. So look away if it bugs you and maybe by the time you read this I will have fixed them. Or not.

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