Simplification – a buzzword

Lots to be read about simplification these days… buzz. Book writing, blogs, authors tweeting about it. I caught some of  it on Twitter today and checked out well-known author my mom referred me to.  Still not sure about my take on that but it helped me start thinking. I have read various books on simplification, some of them effective, some not and started reflecting on my day.

I’m not working today but have an optional (unpaid)  study group at work from 4:30-6:30. Some of my co-workers do not attend but I value the education being offered at no cost to me. Next October I plan to obtain my Oncology Nursing Certification and I consider a two hour study group every other week a healthy investment of time toward that goal.

The day started with my alarm going off around 6:30. I drove my son to school and came home. I played on the computer, made a couple phone calls relating to taxes/earnings, and set up a lunch-date with two great friends for tomorrow. My husband wanted to do something this afternoon that is 20 minutes away from 1:00-4:00….no problem. BUT we have one car. So I was to drive him out, drive home, then later pick my son up from school, drive home, then drive out to pick up my husband then rush to my 4:30 study group???? Ugh. I got a stomach ache. Literally. So I called a mom who lives around the corner and asked her to pick my child up from school. She was already picking her two up and my house is maybe 1 block “out of the way.” That one phone call (and another to the school) saved SO much driving and hassle and gave me a relaxing afternoon at home with my girls. I tossed some ingredients in the crockpot for a simple delicious soup that is already finished.  And yes, I played around online…..Facebook, Twitter, a couple bulletin boards……because I enjoy it. I am enjoying making new connections and keeping in touch with good friends. I have started putting myself out there a little more because that is the phase I am in. I need to get out of my shell and be more social after 4 years of school. I work hard three nights a week and am trying to give myself the time to play.

I also told myself I didn’t have to blog today even if it meant my blog never gets off the ground. The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t have to. The only pressure is internal. I’m not selling a product or service. I’m not changing jobs or even departments anytime soon. I don’t think I have a hidden agenda.

Thanks to people I have been meeting on Twitter I started thinking about simplification and how I exhibit the concept in my daily life.

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